• Beard Hair Transplant

Beard hair transplants are among the ordinarily performed hair transplant procedures worldwide and in the Republic of India. A Beard Hair Transplant in the Republic of India ab initio needs understanding a man’s facial dimension to return up with symmetry results. throughout the procedure, the Dr. can harvest hair follicles from the rear of the scalp so implant them within the small incisions created within the beard region to form a replacement or full-fledged beard.

  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows are a vital part of one’s face, however in some cases, either thanks to biological science, medications, or lifestyle; their density, length, and look could get altered deed one with a clumsy look. Associate in Nursing brow hair transplant is performed by implanting soft hair follicles from the rear of the pinnacle to form new eyebrows or improve the density and general look of the prevailing eyebrows.

  • Moustache Hair Transplant

A full mustache may be a supply of pride in Indian men, however, thanks to many factors, one’s mustache could fail to grow for sure. That leaves people with no possibility, however, to bear a mustache Hair Transplant in a geographical area for a classy appearance. The procedure can excellently produce a fuller and gorgeous mustache.

Advantages Of Facial Hair Transplants

  • Sophisticated & Younger appearance
  • Ideal Beautifying Approaches
  • Enhances confidence in each man and girls
  • Natural results

Considerations Before A Facial Hair Transplant

  • An intimate with Dr.

Facial hair transplant procedures need specialized coming up with skills “artistic & aesthetic” for natural results. contemplate a very intimate with Dr. for the procedure.

  • Side Effects or Complications

Just like alternative hair transplant procedures, facial hair transplants even have many aspect effects to stay in mind when the procedure. These embody bruising, swelling, tenderness among others. Complications are usually rare, however potential just in case the surgery is poorly conducted.

  • Post-Op & Recovery

You are needed to follow the surgeon’s directions and your post-op amount won’t dissent from that of alternative hair transplant procedures. However, you’re needed to stay the facial regions clean and guarded against environmental factors; like pollution and chemicals.

Are Facial Hair Transplants Affordable?

Facial hair transplants are undoubtedly expensive in comparison to scalp hair transplants. However, a variety of patients have managed to foot their surgery value with nice ease. looking at the technique used, your mustache, Eyebrow, or Beard Hair Transplant value in Visakhapatnam could need the addition of Rs.———— involving three hundred to five hundred grafts.

Why opt for Exult Aesthetic clinic for Facial transplantation?

  • High experience & expertise
  • Certainly a complicated center for facial hair transplants
  • 100% Quality & Natural results
  • Hygienic surroundings
  • Sterilized surgical tools